Team for the 4NCL Northern League

An update to where we are with the 4NCL squad. The following is the total squad at present – all have agreed to be registered to the Holmes Chapel team:

155319H Doran, Chris M Chester A 179
182090E Gorman, John A M Caergwrle A 165
108416B Clark, Robert G M Caergwrle B 177
120687E Turner, John M M Holmes Chapel A 175
106612C Bennett, Patrick J M Holmes Chapel A 174
106389D Bates, Ian W M Holmes Chapel B 172
160594L Blackburn, Jonathan LB M Atticus A 196
186957H Hancock, Michael L M Holmes Chapel B 171
118034E Roberts, Malcolm A M Holmes Chapel A 138

I think that it is enough to justify entering our team, but I would be happier with a couple more players in the squad – the first weekend on 6th/7th November is likely to be a major test as it is at Darlington, which is 142 miles from Holmes Chapel.

At the moment, there are only three teams entered in the Northern League – Manchester Chess Federation, Bradford DCA Knights, and our good friends Cheddleton 2. The 4NCL need at least twelve teams to make it viable, and in February, Mike Truran claimed expressions of interest from 15 teams on the online English Chess Forum, so there will probably be a flurry of entries later.

2 thoughts on “Team for the 4NCL Northern League

  1. Pat

    Just to let you know the entry fee has arrived OK – many thanks. We already have seven confirmed teams with over a month to go to the deadline, two more expressing strong interest and various others who are trying to get squads together, so we should have enough to get the Northern League going. As I mentioned on the phone, we could get by with nine to start with on the basis that after eight rounds the league amalgamates for the final three rounds – but I’m hoping for a lot more than that.


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