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4NCL Squad

We have now entered a team in the 4NCL Northern League, having assembled the following squad:

155319H Doran, Chris                       Chester                      181

182090E Gorman, John A                Caergwrle                   171

108416B Clark, Robert G                 Caergwrle                    176

120687E Turner, John M                  Holmes Chapel           182

106612C Bennett, Patrick                  Holmes Chapel           190

106389D Bates, Ian W                        Holmes Chapel           170

160594L Blackburn, Jonathan LB     Holmes Chapel          196

186957H Hancock, Michael L             Holmes Chapel           181

118034E Roberts, Malcolm A             Holmes Chapel           138

194731L Cattermole, Philip J              Macclesfield               154

114116J Laurence, Geoff                      Macclesfield               152

119406K Soames, Anthony R              Macclesfield               175

The opposition teams in the league are:

Manchester Chess Federation, Bradford DCA Knights 1, Cheddleton 2, Aigburth, Bradford DCA Knights 2, Leeds, Spirit of Atticus and Warrington League.

This is enough to make the league feasible. There are 11 rounds through the year, and the first 8 rounds will be an all-play-all between us and the above teams, while the last three rounds will be played over the May bank holiday weekend at the same venue as the other divisions. For these rounds, the Northern League will join with the existing Division Three.

The only remaining doubt concerns the Warrington League whose entry has not yet been confirmed.