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4NCL in January

Rounds 3 and 4 are to be played at the De Vere Wychwood Park (near Crewe). Round 3 is on Saturday January 15th, and play starts at 14.00 hrs. The opposition is Bradford DCA Knights B and our team is as follows:

1. Jonathan Blackburn
2. John Turner
3. Bob Clark
4. Mike Hancock
5. Chris Doran
6. John Gorman

On Sunday January 16th, we face the Bradford DCA Knights A team – probably favourites to win the league. But we are going to put a dent in their ambitions with the following team:

1. Jonathan Blackburn
2. John Turner
3. Bob Clark
4. Mike Hancock
5. Tony Soames
6. John Gorman

Play starts at 11.00 hrs.

I trust that we are all keeping ourselves fit for 4NCL chess. You are all aware that the time limits are 40 moves in two hours, 20 moves in the next hour and quickplay finish in 30 minutes. That is a maximum game length of seven hours, so at a minimum, we should do a 3 mile jog before breakfast, work out with weights in the afternoon, and do 20 crosswords in succession in the evening.

And some of us need to do some work on our openings. You hear me, young Jonathan?

Down to earth ..

Well, the Quadruple is out of the question after we were beaten by Stafford in the Stoke League Cup, and the Triple looks a bit less likely after we lost to Stockport Blues. So to cheer us up a little, here’s our only win from 4NCL Round 2:

Summer starts for me next week – we’re escaping to New Zealand for six
weeks, so I want to get the teams sorted for the next 4NCL weekend as soon as possible, as I won’t be there.

Rounds 3 & 4 are on the 15th/16th of January at the DeVere hotel, Wychwood
Park, which is near Crewe. I have not booked any hotel rooms, as I assume nobody will be wanting to stay at the hotel. We shall be playing the two Bradford teams – the B team on the Saturday and the A team on the Sunday.

I would like to hear from the squad:
(a) whether you are available for either the 15th or the 16th.
(b) whether you are available for both.
(c) whether you would LIKE to play both rounds.

I shall finalise the teams on Sunday, December 19th, so please let me know
your availability at least by then, but as soon as possible would be good.

Rounds 5/6 will be upon us soon after that – February 19th/20th at the
Barcelo Majestic Hotel. I shall be booking six rooms at the hotel, and will need to know your availability by Sunday, January 30th. Of course, if you could let me know earlier, that would be great.

My best wishes to you and yours for the festive season and the new year. If
you want a white Christmas, then I hope the east wind continues to blow for you. I
don’t mind one way or the other – I’m looking forward to a barbie on the beach on Christmas Day!