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At the last AGM, I proposed the idea of having an award for the “Game of the Season”. The idea was to encourage club members to send their games to the Webmeister i.e. yours truly, and generate more interesting content for the club website.

Malcolm is looking to purchase a suitably impressive trophy, marked “Game of the Season” – not “Best Game of the Season” – which will be awarded on criteria which shall be left open. The quality of the game as chess would be influential, but chess can generate games and situations which are artistic, humorous, courageous, and/or important in the team context, and these criteria could also be used to decide who should be awarded the trophy.

The trophy would presented at a final club evening at the end of the season – or maybe the AGM – and the winner would hold the trophy for a year before returning it to be presented to the winner the following year.

The method used to decide on the winner is still open for discussion. A boring committee, or a single individual who is rotated year by year, could be appointed. I rather favour a vote by the entire club membership – one man one vote seems fashionable these days – and I might even manage to arrange the vote by means of this blog.

To enter your game for this competition, it will be necessary to give me the score, which I will publish here for everyone to play through and assess suitability for this award.

To start the ball rolling, here’s Ian’s game against Marple in the Stockport – an important game, as Ian’s win enabled us to draw the match. This match was the only fixture in which Marple dropped match points this season:

Bates – Livesey in HC v Marple, Stockport League, 6/2/2014

Here’s another game by Ian:

Bates – Kay in Marple B v HC, Stockport League, 17/2/2014

Bob Clark had a nice win playing for our 4NCL team:

Clark – Burrows in HC v Oxford 2, 4NCL Division 3, 23/3/2014

Any more?



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