Denton in the Stockport League

And the most exciting match of the season yet! With the score tied at 2-2, the match depended on the results from the top two boards, where our Stuart Clarke took on Ali Janooby, and John Turner played Mitchell Burke.
Turner v Burke
On Board 2, John was pressing for a win, but the clock shows that he has 10 minutes left to Mitchell’s 34 minutes. Not a good ratio for a far from simple endgame. Meanwhile, on Board 1, a similar scenario developed – Stuart was way behind Ali on time, but it was not clear who had the advantage in a very complicated position, with both kings feeling uneasy.

Matters developed on both boards, anxiously watched by both teams. John managed to develop a clear win, but was left with excruciating time trouble, while Stuart gained the upper hand, but also looked likely to lose on time.

Matters came to a head on Board 2 first. With a clear win on the board but seconds left on his clock, John headed towards checkmating his opponent, but under overwhelming pressure, put his queen on the wrong square and allowed a stalemate.

Janooby v Clarke

The match now depended on Stuart’s result. He had a winning position, but did not have the time to win it. However, he did have the time to repeat a position three times, achieving the draw which concluded the match 3-3. You can see this excellent game here.

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