Chairman:                                   John Turner, tel: 01477 535331, mob: 07890991289.

Secretary:                                     Andy Raeburn, tel: 01270666879.

Treasurer:                                     Malcolm Roberts

Stockport Captain:                   Ian Bates

Stoke Kings Captain:               Mike Hancock

Stoke Knights Captain:           George Scattergood

Stoke Rooks Captain:               Martin Gill

Stoke Pawns Captain:               David Price

Stoke Tiny Pawns Captain:     George Scattergood

Stoke Cups Captains:                   Mike Hancock will organise the 8-man cup.  David Price and Martin Gill will look after the U150 and U135 between them.

4NCL Captain:                                Pat Bennett

Webmaster:                                    Pat Bennett,


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